Today we received a remote support request from a local customer who was having trouble with a spam pop-up that was hijacking his browser.

The pop up displayed a warning message stating that the computer had a security vulnerability and that the user should call the number listed to get support.
Along with the message a loud beeping noise was coming from the speaker which one would assume was to cause panic and fear.

Despite a button being available to close the message, on doing so another tab would open and the same message would appear.

To fix this we:

We then opened the browser and were greeted with the tabs automatically reloading before our nimble mouse movements could close them. The pop ups reappeared and the spam message / noise occurred again!

To work around this we:

This opened Microsoft Edge and automatically opened a fresh tab with our website.

We were then able to right mouse click on the tab to the far left and select: Close tabs to the right


All the tabs closed and our customer was able to continue with their surfing.