A new variation of the popular ‘tech support’ scam has been spotted.

The latest iteration uses pop ups created to appear as though they are from your internet service provider.

These pop ups encourage you to call the ‘tech support’ number listed in order to receive telephone assistance. The ultimate goal is to get you to install remote control software on your computer.

The US based security firm Malwarebytes has seen these pop-ups in action, with one security consultant from the company noting how the personalised nature of the email almost led him to believe it was real.

“It caught me by surprise and I almost thought that it was real. It was a page from my ISP telling me my computer was infected. It was only when I looked in closer detail that I saw it was a scam,”

While most pop-ups are ‘dumb’ in the sense that they present one message and hope that it attracts some unsuspecting person, this new pop up can tailor itself to present a message based on your service provider, thus adding to its perceived legitimacy.

If you are in any doubt as to whether or not a pop up is legitimate, please get in touch and our technicians will be able to assist you after creating an ad-hoc support ticket.