Spotting fake emails

Spam emails are a fact of modern day life. Here I will go through an email that I recently received that claims to be from Santander. As expected, the email is written in such a way as to cause panic and fear. The goal is to get you to act immediately before their website is […]

Websites that hijack your browser

Today we received a remote support request from a local customer who was having trouble with a spam pop-up that was hijacking his browser. The pop up displayed a warning message stating that the computer had a security vulnerability and that the user should call the number listed to get support. Along with the message […]

Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability How many times have you sent an email and received a cryptic bounce back message that makes little sense? Have people mentioned that they have been unable to email you and you’ve had to resort to alternative an means of communication? The reasons for email problems are numerous but in our experience the […]