Retail Shop IT Installation

A few months ago we were called upon to assist a client in the setup of a new retail shop located in Bath.

This historic market town is a perfect location for the company and despite its distance from Farnham we were eager to assist.

We worked closely with the director and management staff of the company to ensure a plan of action was in in place before the works were to begin. This plan outlined the requirements of the shop in terms of communication services and hardware.

We scheduled the works across two days which provided us the opportunity to carry out some of the works out of hours. This was fortunate as the shop was in the process of being dressed and we were able to keep out of the way.

In order to save more time on site we had prepped all the devices at our Farnham office beforehand. It was then a simple case of plugging these in on-site and configuring them.

The works that we carried out included the laying of network cable, installation of till point, cash draw, office workstations, server, and VoIP telephones.

The shop began trading the day after we left and we continue to provide support remotely.