A New Year, A New Beginning

As we start the New Year, many of us will have made resolutions in our personal lives. The goal, whether it to be get fit, eat healthy, stop procrastinating or perhaps learn a new language is focused on self-improvement. These changes will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our business in some way, but what about creating a New Year’s resolution just for our business?

As a business owner, the New Year is an opportunity to reflect on your business goals and consider what changes you can make within your business to help 2017 become one of the most successful and prosperous years so far.

For Convergence, we have chosen to make 2017 the year of ‘Optimisation’. This broad resolution will touch on many aspects of our, business but the three key changes on our hit list are:

Improved ticketing system to make our daily workflow more streamlined.
The addition of an IVR menu (Press 1 for… Press 2 for..) to our phone system so calls are accurately routed to the most appropriate person.
Implement a Direct Debit option for some of our recurring services to help improve cash flow.

Your Business

So the question remains, what resolution will you make for your business?

Here are a few questions to consider when thinking about possible changes to your IT.

If you require any help in answering the above or have any other IT related queries please do not hesitate to contact Convergence.