DNS layer security

Your first line of defence against malware.

For just £3 per device per month you can protect your business from malware and cryptlockers.

What is DNS?

DNS (domain name system) is a protocol that performs address translation.

Every website has a unique address called an IP address and it is the job of a domain name server to translate the website address you type into your website browser e.g. www.bbc.co.uk into an IP address.

When you type a web address (FQDN (fully qualified domain name)) into your browser a request goes off to a DNS server which translates the FQDN into the required IP address and directs your browser to the correct site.

The DNS you use will most of the time be determined by your internet service provider.

How can DNS layer security help?

OpenDNS by Cisco is a service that combines standard DNS with intelligent security. Their network actively monitors and learns from internet activity patterns to identify and block malicious infrastructure used to launch attacks.

What this means is that if you inadvertently try to visit a website with malicious content, or a piece of malware already on your computer tries to make contact with its command and control server the request will be blocked and the malicious code will be unable to communicate with your computer.

What’s wrong with just using an anti-virus?

Anti-viruses are usually signature based which means they are only as good as the threat database they are referencing. It is also very easy to disguise viruses so that they escape the attentions of a virus scanner.

Unlike antivirus’s which only deals with threats once they arrive on your computer, DNS security aims to block the threats before they reach your network.

How do I get DNS layer security?

If you are a home user, you are eligible for the OpenDNS free service. https://www.opendns.com/home-internet-security/

If you are business, please get in touch with Convergence. We are Cisco partners and are able to provide business DNS security for £3 per device per month. Setup is straight forward and usually requires no additional equipment. We are also able to provide protection for mobile devices when they leave your office network.