Variation of an existing scam

A new variation of the popular ‘tech support’ scam has been spotted. The latest iteration uses pop ups created to appear as though they are from your internet service provider. These pop ups encourage you to call the ‘tech support’ number listed in order to receive telephone assistance. The ultimate goal is to get you […]

Automatic upgrade to Windows 10

Have you been caught out recently with Windows automatically upgrading you to Windows 10 even though you’ve not consented to the upgrade? Well, with just two month remaining to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, Microsoft are turning up the heat with what appears to be a rather sneaky push to get people to upgrade. […]

Cortana now locked to Bing

As of today April 28, 2016 users will no longer be able to use third party search engines with the Windows 10 search assistant named Cortana. Up until recently it was possible to use browser extensions and registry edits to set Google as the default engine for Cortana searches instead of Bing. The reason for […]