6 tips for reducing the noise your computer makes

A noisy computer can be a real distraction in the workplace and at home. If there are multiple computers in the same room then the offending noise can reach intolerable levels. There are several steps you can take to mitigate this noise. 1) Clean your computer case fans. If you computer is struggling to stay […]

8 tips to optimise your computer

If your computer is running slow, here are some steps to speed it up. 1) Uninstall any programs that you do not use anymore. 2) Run a deep level virus scan. Within the advanced options of your antivirus program you will have the ability to run a deep level antivirus that will run a complete […]

PC Spring Clean – Why it is important.

The summer is nearly upon us and we’ve already had a few warm days. One of the driving factors behind computer failure and premature hardware faults is overheating. Computer components are designed to work within a given temperature range and they manage this by using fans. Unfortunately these fans suck in a lot of debris […]