Rural broadband woes

We provide IT services to a client who operates a retail business in Alresford. In addition to this they also have a café on site for use by their customers. Internet connectivity is a critical component for their business and is used for tasks such as: Sending and receiving email Taking card payments Remote access …

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HDD to SSD upgrade

We recently upgraded the hard drive on a 2009 iMac to a solid state drive. We cloned the old drive to the new so all data was preserved. The results speak for themselves!

What is virtualisation and how can it help your business

What is virtualisation? Virtualisation is the process of creating virtual instances of a device or resource. Multiplying an asset, whether it be a server, storage device or operating system without the requirement of additional hardware. The simplest example of this would be partitioning a hard drive. Although you are using one hard drive, the act …

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