Ad-hoc IT support

For companies that do not require Managed IT we are able to provide ad-hoc IT support.

remoteitsupportRemote IT Support

Using the internet we are able to safely and securely remotely access your device.
This allows us to fix software related problems for you without the need for an on-site visit.

Examples of a time when this may be of use include:

– Email client setup and configuration
– Virus and Malware removal
– Computer optimisation

onsiteassistanceOn-site assistance

Sometimes, remote assistance will not be sufficient to resolve an issue and a technician may be required to visit you on-site. We endeavour to resolve all issues on-site but in some situations it may be necessary for us to take away your equipment for further diagnosis and repair.

Examples of a time when this may be of use include:

– Hard drive failure
– Faulty memory
– Power supply replacements

Owing to the nature of on-site repairs we are only able to provide an estimate for resolving incidents.
An invoice will be provided on completion and payment is required within 30 days.